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With indorz, See Problems Before They Happen.

The Future of Farming is Here.

Real-Time Dashboard

Collect and analyze real-time data from the sensors and probes from each grow room. View important alerts, monitor your farming goals while staying ahead of critical issues on the farm.

Insights & Analytics

Maximize grow operation success, indorz analytics delivers insights to the farm improving their operation from cycle to cycle in order to optimize product consistency, maximize yield and increase revenues.

Holistic Automation

Control and automate all the key appliances in each grow zone while understanding the plant heartbeat. Save resources, time and money – increasing production efficiency.

indorz Resilient Architecture

Powered by AI with Sensor-Mesh™ technology our systems optimizes production yield, predict system failures ahead of time and constantly analyzing data. Empowering Farmers to save time, money and energy allowing more consistency into the production cycle and additional profits back to the grow facility.

indorz was founded in 2016 by a group of professional SW & HW engineers and master growers, together we created a fundamentally new and innovative growing approach to analyze, automate and predict through the seed-to-flower cycle for indoor growing facilities.

Farmers & The Problems
Facing them Today

Facilities and Farms plan to expand 10-20X their current size, and achieving operational excellence will become impossible without a full command and control solution.

Due to fragmented solutions and the lack of scalable, precision and predictive technology that would allow farmers to be ahead of their machinery and operational issues.

Ultimately these issues lead to plant stress unawareness, costly shutdowns and production shortages impacting the farmer’s operation and most importantly the product for the end user.

At indorz, our technology will minimize many of these issues bringing cannabis farming into the future.

Our mission

Our team puts the focus back in optimizing each growing setup, maximizing yield and potency potential from seed all the way to harvest. The indorz approach has been built on the vision of a team of expertise who believes in the future of horticulture and cannabis farming. We recognize the capabilities of being able to provide the most critical data to farmers, and facilities looking to stabilize, optimize and ultimately expand the size of their facilities. The future of cannabis is alive and well, indorz is here to become the leader in technology and data solutions for the growing industry.

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